Door Repair

Door Repair and Installation Tampa, FL

Sagging, sticking, leaking, creaking doors are petty annoyances that are easy to ignore — that is, until the next time you need to use the door. Stop putting off your door repairs and door frame repairs. Chances are good that the problem is a simple fix, but in such a wet climate, it’s especially important to stay on top of issues with exterior doors to avoid moisture problems that can cause additional damage.

With one quick visit, your ANDY OnCall® craftsman will evaluate the problem and get you a free estimate for repair.

Door Repair

In a hurricane zone, the integrity of your exterior doors is of the utmost importance. Wear and tear can take a toll on locks, hinges, weather-stripping and even the finish on the door itself. Sliding glass doors can begin sticking or going off the track, making it difficult to open and close the door or to latch it securely. We’ll take care of all of these repairs to keep your doors in good working order and protect your home from the elements.

Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to complete sliding glass door repairs promptly to secure your home, keep little ones from wandering outside unsupervised and maintain an additional working exit in case of emergency.

Door Frame Repairs

Over time, door frames are susceptible to warping, rotting and water damage. You might also need a door frame repair after a break-in or to remedy a faulty installation. No matter the cause of the problem, ANDY OnCall® can help you check this project off your honey do list. You will remain in control of the process throughout the project. While the door frame is being repaired, we can replace old hardware and put a fresh coat of paint on the door and trim.

If hidden damage is uncovered during the course of the job, our craftsman will show you the problem and call our office to discuss a new quote to complete the needed repairs. We’ll have your door frame looking good in no time.

Door Installation

Upgrade your front door, add French doors, install storm doors or replace old interior doors with the expertise of a pro from ANDY OnCall®. We’ll make sure the door is hanging straight and level. If you choose, we’ll paint or stain the door to your desired color for a cohesive look. Trim will be reattached or replaced, and any needed weatherizing will be completed. Of course, our craftsman will clean up the workspace at the end of the workday and the end of the project. Door installation projects are covered by our one-year written warranty, so you can rest assured that the work will be done right.

Choosing ANDY OnCall®

When you choose ANDY OnCall® for your door repair, door installation or sliding glass door repair project, you’re choosing a professional company that’s dedicated to customer service and quality work. Our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured, and we’re members of the Better Business Bureau. Our craftsmen arrive on time, communicate with you clearly and work efficiently. You’ll be notified of any problems along the way. When the work is finished, you are asked to inspect the area to ensure that it meets your expectations. After you are satisfied, make your payment directly to ANDY OnCall®. Let ANDY make your home a little more comfortable.

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