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For all of your repair needs, ANDY OnCall® is here to help by offering skilled, qualified and professional craftsmen. Look through our FAQ below to learn about what we do and how we can help you with installations, repairs and more.


Is your company licensed and insured?
Andy OnCall is licensed, insured and bonded. We also offer one-year warranties in writing for all work performed on your home or office.
What are the services that you offer?
We offer a wide variety of services for big and small jobs. Our craftsmen perform work both inside and outside of residential and business locations. From simple repair work to complete remodeling, we provide you with skilled professionals who know how to get the job done. All of our services are performed quickly with a price you can afford. Some of the services we offer are listed below.
  • Remodeling – Andy OnCall is here to help you rebuild your dream home by offering extensive remodeling services. Whether you wish to convert previously unused space into an enticing area, transform a tired room into a welcoming environment or improve the utility of your home, we have the tools and skilled labor to help you accomplish your goals. We perform remodeling services for bathrooms, basements, kitchens or your entire home.
  • Repairs – If you have something that needs to be fixed, we can handle the task. Our repair services cover everything from leaky faucets to broken gutters. Call us anytime you need to fix a ceiling fan, door or window. Our handyman repair services include the exterior structures of your home as well as interior appliances, plumbing and electrical devices.
  • Installation – When you feel the need to replace old fixtures or install new features in your home, Andy OnCall is available to serve you. We install ceiling fans, doors, gutters, drywall, tiles, windows and nearly anything else you need. Whether you are replacing outdated items or installing add-ons to your home, our handyman services have you covered.
  • Maintenance – We understand that homeowners have a lot of items on their to-do lists, so we offer our services to help unburden your workload. We provide quality indoor and outdoor maintenance services at reasonable prices.
  • Carpentry – Our professionals are fully certified to offer you a complete range of services relating to carpentry. You can improve the value of your home and create an inviting atmosphere with wood finishings, shelving, furniture and customized carpentry. We offer high quality services that are within your budget.
  • Decorative – If you are looking for a more beautiful interior or exterior of your home, you can rely on us for decorative assistance. Our services cover painting, wallpaper, molding and more. Improve the aesthetic value of your home with our qualified decorative services.
  • Odd Jobs – Andy OnCall tackles jobs of any size. Our professionals can manage anything that needs to get done around your home or office.
Check out our services page to see a comprehensive list of our most common offerings. Our qualified professionals are equipped with numerous tools and skills, so do not hesitate to give us a call for any job you need completed.
Do your handymen have any references I can contact?
Andy OnCall is more than willing to provide you with the names of customers who have worked with your assigned craftsmen. Oftentimes, they have completed some of the same jobs that you require. You may also be surprised to find out that their previous customers are your neighbors.
Are there any discounts or coupons I can take advantage of?
We like helping you save money, so we offer a couple of discounts that are ongoing. You will receive $25 off jobs that cost over $100 and $50 off jobs that total $250 or more. Check with your craftsmen to ask about any limited-time offers or special deals.
When are you open for business?
Generally, our phone lines are open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4pm.
Do you offer free estimates?
Andy OnCall always provides customers with free estimates for any job, big or small. Your personal handyman will assess the project and give you an estimate of one lump sum.
If I need to have a light bulb changed, is that job too small for you?
Our professionals will tackle any project no matter the size. We have several customers who ask us to perform routine tasks on an annual basis. If you have multiple small projects that need to get done, we recommend making a list so that we can complete everything for you during a visit.
What about bathroom remodeling? Is this job too big?
As always, there is no job too big for Andy OnCall. Whether you want to change a few minor aspects or rebuild an entirely new bathroom, we can help you complete the project with quality services and affordable prices. Call today to find out how our Andy OnCall handyman can help with your Tampa bathroom remodeling project.
Do I need to purchase all of the required materials before hiring the handyman?
You do not have to purchase any of the materials on your own unless you want to. Our technicians frequently make trips to local hardware and home improvement stores for customers. You can choose the specific materials you desire, and we are happy to make recommendations if you are not sure where to start. We offer both pick-up and delivery services and will gladly install the necessary materials for you to complete a project.
How do you charge for handyman services?
Andy OnCall charges by the job not by the hour for our Tampa handyman services. Our estimates include total prices for a complete project, so you do not incur any additional charges with hourly rates. Charging by the job ensures accurate and reliable estimates for you with fewer time delays so that your project is completed when you want it.
Which forms of payment do you accept for handyman services rendered?
You can pay by a variety of means that suit your financial situation. We accept checks, credit cards and debit cards for all handyman services.
Do you offer services during evenings and weekends?
Many of our clients have daytime hours that correspond with the normal Monday-to-Friday routine. We understand that people have busy lives and require assistance outside of traditional business hours. Our handyman technicians maintain flexible schedules to work around your needs. You book an appointment with our call center, and the representatives will work with you to accommodate your schedule even for weekend and evening times.
Do I get to choose colors and brands of the materials?
Every decision regarding materials is up to you. Whether it is paint, tile or wood, you select your desired colors and designs. You have the option of choosing the manufacturer, or you can take advantage of our knowledge of the industry. Andy OnCall uses only high quality materials from trusted manufacturers.
Is the handyman trustworthy to be in my home or office?
Andy OnCall handyman technicians are professional and pass through an extensive screening process prior to hire. We understand the importance of trust when dealing with workers in your home or office. To ease your mind, we ensure that all of our handymen are tactful, prompt, tidy and professional. You can trust our handyman services for your Tampa needs.
Which door repair services do you offer?
Our team of experts can handle multiple projects relating to door repair and installation in Tampa, FL. Whether you need to fix a small part of the door or replace the entire thing, we are available to complete your task. Our services cover single, double and sliding glass door repairs in Tampa, FL. We also perform door frame repairs as well as replacements of locks and handles. If you are interested in sprucing up your home with brand new entryways, our skilled technicians are happy to help with and Tampa door installation. For anything you want to change about your doors from new paint to pet openings, we will gladly accept the job.
Do you recommend using wood or vinyl for soffit and fascia repair projects?
Choosing the right materials for the exterior of your home is important for protecting the underlying structures. Some homes feature wood soffit and fascia, which are more susceptible to rot during rainy seasons which are prevalent in the Tampa, FL area. You can cover or replace the wood with vinyl soffit and fascia to add a barrier of protection. Every Tampa home is unique, so our technicians are happy to assess your situation before you decide on the materials. For soffit and fascia repairs, we may need to determine your current construction before offering advice. Our Tampa based outdoor services cover soffit and fascia replacement in case your current materials are old and ineffective. Trained professionals will also provide you with soffit and fascia installation services for any changes or additions you would like to make.
Do your services cover removal and replacement of tile or just installation in a new area of my home?
Andy OnCall offers full services relating to tiles in the kitchen, bathroom and anywhere in your home. Our professional tile installers are available to help with all of your tile needs from kitchen backsplash accents to ceramic tile flooring. If you are tired of looking at the same old drab floors, you can take advantage of our bathroom tile installation services. If you need help with tile removal, replacement or installation, just give us a call to set up an appointment.
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