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Plant City, FL Handyman Services

Contrary to popular belief, Plant City, Florida was not named for the agriculture industry that helped to fuel the city’s growth. It was named after Henry Bradley Plant, a settler in the area who extended the South Florida Railroad. The original name of Plant City was Ichepucksassa, named for an Indian village that was located on the original territory. People had so much difficulty spelling and pronouncing Ichepucksassa that its name was changed to Cork, the birthplace of its postmaster. It officially became Plant City in 1885, the year it was incorporated. The state of Florida had incorporated only 16 years earlier.

Area Demographics

Plant City, Florida encompasses the ZIP codes 33564 through 33567. It is a young community with a median age of only 33.3 years old. This is almost eight years younger than the Florida state average. At $44,531 and $44,746, the median household income for Plant City and Florida as a whole is nearly identical. However, housing costs are lower here than they are statewide. In 2009, the typical home in Plant City sold for $149,689. The average figure for all of Florida was $182,400 the same year. 34,833 people make Plant City their home.

Year-Round Weather Conditions

Plant City enjoys a mild climate, with an average high temperature above 70 degrees all year long. Spring and fall have low temperatures in the high 50s to low 60s. The high temperature range for these seasons is from the low 70s to the high 80s. January is the coolest month in Plant City, with a temperature range of 49 to 72 degrees. The temperature climbs a few degrees every month until spring. June, July and August see temperatures ranging from the low 70s to the low 90s. Weather records in Plant City include a low of 17 degrees in 1981 and a high of 102 degrees in 1996.

Attractions, Dining and Shopping in Plant City

Dinosaur World is one of the premier vacation destination sites in Plant City. While walking through the park, visitors see life-size replicas of the triceratops, brachiosaurus and several other breeds of dinosaurs that been extinct for thousands of years. The replicas are up to 80 feet tall and are constructed from steel, concrete and fiberglass. There are more than 100 dinosaur replicas on display throughout the park. Children ages three through 12 can go on a fossil dig and keep up to three fossils that they find.

Beginners and novices alike can feel the thrill of jumping out of an airplane attached to a parachute at Skydive Orlanpa. Tandem skydives are recommended and require less than an hour of training to perform. All jumpers must be at least 18 years old and weigh less than 230 pounds. Staff from Skydive Orlampa typically accompanies first-time jumpers.

The annual Strawberry Festival is a huge event in Plant City. From national headline entertainment concerts, to a huge fair midway and a strawberry eating contest, the two week long Festival draws people from all over the southeast.

Where to Find Door Repair, Tile Installation and Related Services

Every home or business in Plant City needs repairs and maintenance. However, not everyone has the time to perform them. ANDY On Call® is a handyman service offering drywall repair, electrical work, kitchen remodeling, repair of leaky faucets and much more. No job is too big or too small for the professionals at ANDY On Call. Prospective customers are encouraged to contact the company to discuss their repair needs and obtain a free estimate.

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