You may need to explore the bigger pay off down the road if you’re planning a Bathroom remodeling project or a Kitchen remodeling project.

If you’re going to remodel, you need to have a look at your motives. Are you remodeling solely for self gratification or with thoughts of increasing the potential resale value of your home?

You have decided to remodel / renovate your home and don’t know where to start. If you are renovating so you can enjoy your home for a longer period of time without things breaking down, your approach will be different than if you are renovating for profit. Analyze your reasons, needs and how much money you have for the renovations before you put your plan into effect. In some markets a complete renovation only increases your value slightly. While strategically planned and executed renovations may boost your homes’ value significantly.

Your reasons for renovation and how you decide to continue with your Bathroom or Kitchen remodeling project will have a major bearing on the value of your home should you decide to sell.

Consult with a licensed professional to help create your DREAM Package. Some repairs / updates that you might want to consider:

Systems:AC or Heating, dependent on age, reliability and efficiency of the system
Plumbing:If you are going to upgrade bathrooms, check to see if the plumbing can tolerate increasing pressure and usage.
Windows/Doors:Are they currently single pane, energy efficient and of course hurricane and impact resistant. Maybe you just want to add a “Barn Door”.
Efficiency:Homeowners are guided by energy efficiency. The importance of downsizing and using energy efficient appliances is important. Renovating a kitchen with granite, quartz, stainless steel, new cabinetry and flooring is probably the second most requested renovation project. A new kitchen can increases your home’s value, and installing energy-efficient appliances attracts cost conscious buyers.
Small Projects:Paint the house, inside and out, to give it a fresh feeling. Replace the flooring, using wood if you can, to add value. Re-landscape the front and back lawns for curb appeal. Install new bathroom and kitchen hardware if a total renovation is out of your budget.

So, whatever your reason is to remodel / renovate, and you have a desire to explore the endless possibilities, contact us for a FREE consultation. We are fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded.

From design to installation, we can help you bring your vision to life.

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