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The city of Tampa has found itself listed as one of the best cities to live in the United States. This probably comes as no surprise to those who live there and enjoy its tropical foliage and subtropical climate that provides a mild winter climate for the city.

City Demographics

As of 2011, the estimated population of Tampa stood at 346,037 of full time residents who had a median income of $43,957 per household. Tampa is the county seat of Hillsborough County and the children from the area attend the schools of the Hillsborough County Public School District. The total area of the city including land mass and bodies of water is 170.6 square miles.

History of Tampa

It is unknown whether the name Tampa, which is derived from indigenous Native Indian languages means “sticks of fire” or “the place to gather sticks.” These meanings are attributed to the tendency for severe thunderstorms with many lightning strikes during the summer and being a place where natives gathered wood for their fires.

The land we know as Tampa was acquired in 1821 through the United States’ acquisition of the Florida Territory from Spain. The army built several forts in the new territory to provide support and protection to the newly arrived settlers to the area.

Commerce soon followed to Tampa with the expansion of the railway system into Tampa during the mid-1880s. This allowed fishermen to ship seafood up north and helped the local economy to grow. The Tampa area is also known for its deposits of phosphate that are mined to be used as fertilizer. Having the Port of Tampa and the railway system allowed for easy transportation for the mined material.

With the railways, tourists soon arrived to the area, which caused provided additional growth to the economy. Hotels and businesses geared toward tourists and the growing year-round population of the city began to spring up.

Always Something Fun for Families to Do in Tampa

If you live in Tampa, you know there is always fun and exciting things to do with your family or on your own. Tourists who visit the area may come for attractions such as the beautiful beaches and Busch Gardens & Adventure Island, but are unaware of other attractions that are available.

Parents Magazine has once again selected the Lowry Park Zoo as the top zoo for families in the United States. Unlike the traditional zoo experience, Lowry Park offers a waterpark and rides for the kids that will make your visit enjoyable for all.

For those who are interested in the native species of plants and animals of the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Aquarium provides a glimpse of life beneath the sea. The Aquarium offers activities for both young and young at heart, including an outdoor water adventure zone for the kids and a daily cruise into the bay to view some of the 500 dolphins that live there.

Living in Tampa

If you live here year-round, chances are you do not want to spend your free time tending to repairs around your home because you have much better things to do. This is where ANDY OnCall® can help! If you are looking for a handyman in Tampa FL to make professional repairs on your home, we may be just what you are looking for.

We offer many types of home repair services including:

  • Plumbing
  • Door repairs and installation
  • Tile installation
  • Drywall repairs
  • Remodeling services
  • General home maintenance

We offer free estimates and a one-year warranty on workmanship for all repairs and services. ANDY OnCall® has been providing service to homeowners across the United States since 1993. Our professionals are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding repairs to your home. Give us a call!

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