Tampa Handyman Tips: 5 Easy-to-Make DIY Tiling Mistakes

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March 17, 2018

Tampa Handyman Tips: 5 Easy-to-Make DIY Tiling Mistakes

5 Easy-to-Make DIY Tiling Mistakes

There’s a reason that ceramic tile is such a popular material for home handyman projects. Ceramic tiles are versatile, attractive, and long-lasting — so long as they’re installed the right way. That’s not a worry if your tiles are installed by a trusted handyman service, like ANDY OnCall® Tampa. But if you’re installing ceramic tiles on your own, tiling mistakes are easy to make.

While the team at ANDY OnCall Tampa recommends hiring an experienced handyman for any major tiling job, we know that ceramic tile installations are a popular DIY project in Tampa FL. So, if you’re tackling a tile installation for the first time, here are 5 easy-to-make tiling mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

1. Buying Fewer Tiles Than You Need

Buying fewer tiles than needed is one of the most common mistakes rookies make on a DIY tiling job. Ceramic tiles are durable and rugged when they’re properly installed, but they are prone to cracking before and during installation. Most experts recommend buying an extra 10% worth of tiles so that you have replacements for any broken tiles.

2. Surface Prep and Underlayment Issues

Another common DIY tiling mistake is improper preparation. No one will see the substrate or the underlayment after you’ve finished your installation, so it might seem like no big deal that you got a little sloppy preparing the surface or installing the underlayment. But mistakes during surface prep and underlayment installation will create major headaches when you start installing tiles, or will result in tile damage within a few months.

3. Tiling Adhesive Problems

Tile installations can be easily botched if you use the wrong adhesive or apply the adhesive improperly. Make sure that you follow manufacturer’s directions when choosing an applying adhesive. Avoid the common mistake of “dotting” tile corners with adhesive, which can crack tiles when adhesive settles and contracts. Apply an even layer to the center of the tile, covering at least 80% of the contact surface.

4. Not Using Tile Alignment Aids

On a ceramic tile installation, nothing says “DIY” more clearly than crooked tiles or improper alignment. While an experienced handyman might have a trained eye for straight lines, homeowners in Tampa shouldn’t rely on eyesight for alignment. Tile alignment aids, such as battens and tile spacers, can help you achieve a clean, professional appearance on your installation.

5. Grouting Mistakes

Grout can create a number of headaches for DIY installers. When mixing grout, too much or too little water can create consistency issues, making it tough to apply grout properly. It also changes the drying time, which is another problem area. Many DIYers don’t give grout enough time to cure before they try to remove excess grout. This can result in misaligned tiles and compromise the grout itself.

Tampa’s Trusted Handyman & Tile Installation Service

Want a surefire way to avoid easy-to-make tiling mistakes on your installation? Then it’s time to call Tampa’s trusted handyman service. The handymen at ANDY OnCall Tampa will ensure long-lasting workmanship and picture-perfect results on any residential tile installation in Tampa. Our handyman services include bathroom and kitchen tile installations in Tampa, flooring and backsplash projects, plus specialized time installation services for other jobs.

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