Tampa Handyman Tips: Choosing the Right Drywall

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March 17, 2018
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March 17, 2018

Tampa Handyman Tips: Choosing the Right Drywall

Choosing the Right Drywall

Choosing the right drywall for a home improvement project can be tricky for homeowners in Tampa. Unless you’re an experienced DIYer or a professional handyman, you might be confused by different types of drywall or have trouble picking the right thickness of drywall for your needs.

That can hurt your home, your wallet, or both. If you try to save a few bucks by picking thin, generic drywall, your walls could be susceptible to cracks, holes, sagging, warping, water damage, or mold. On the other hand, you can run up costs in a hurry if you choose a premium drywall for a job where it isn’t needed.

Need help picking the right type of drywall for your next renovation or drywall repair? Here’s some advice from the handymen at ANDY OnCall® Tampa to help you get started.

Choosing Drywall Thickness and Types of Drywall

When you’re choosing drywall — also known as plasterboard, sheetrock, or gypsum board — you need to make two key choices.

The first choice you’ll need to make is drywall thickness. Drywall thickness has its biggest impact on the strength and integrity of walls and ceilings. Thinner drywall can be easily damaged, whereas thicker drywall is damage resistant. Drywall thickness also impacts soundproofing and fire-resistance.

The most popular drywall thickness is 1/2-inch thickness, which is used for most interior walls. Thinner drywalls include 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch thickness. Typically, these thicknesses are only used for repairs, in areas where they are reinforced, or for curved walls.

Drywall is also sold in 5/8-inch thickness, which is used for ceilings to prevent the drywall from sagging under its own weight. 5/8-inch thick drywall is also used for areas that require fire-resistance or soundproofing, and for walls that need to support additional weight, like heavy tiles or a decorative coating.

The second choice you’ll need to make is the type of drywall you’re using. If you’re choosing drywall for an upcoming handyman project, here are the seven types you’re most likely to find in the Tampa area.

  • Basic Drywall: Typically made of gypsum plaster core coated by thick paper. Standard for most projects.
  • Water-Resistant: Exterior coating is water-resistant, but not waterproof. Use in kitchens, bathrooms, other areas with high levels of moisture or humidity.
  • Fiberglass: Uses a fiberglass exterior and moisture-resistant plaster. Generally, more effective than traditional water-resistant drywall.
  • Fire-Resistant: Made to withstand flames for up to an hour. Used in furnace rooms, kitchens, and garages.
  • Cement Board: Replaces gypsum plaster with thin sheets of cement reinforced by fiber mesh. Structurally stronger than other types of drywall. Used as backing for heavy tile.
  • Abuse-Resistant: Uses a reinforced core and thicker paper for coating. Resists cracks and holes from impact damage. Suitable for playrooms and high-traffic hallways.
  • Insulated: Core uses insulating polyfoam to reduce heat transfer through walls.

Can’t Choose? Call Tampa’s Trusted Handyman Service!

If you’re having trouble choosing the right thickness and type of drywall for your project, it may be easier to contact a handyman service like ANDY OnCall Tampa.

Why call the handymen at ANDY OnCall Tampa? For one thing, we’re experienced at choosing materials for handyman projects, and we’re experts in the best types of drywall to use for different jobs. We’re also well-connected with local suppliers in the Tampa area, ensuring high-quality materials for your project.

Also, unlike other local handyman services, ANDY OnCall Tampa never upcharges for materials. You only pay for our labor, which ensures top-quality handiwork on your project. Whether you’re repairing, replacing, or remodeling drywall, you can trust the handymen at ANDY OnCall Tampa!

Call (813) 961-2600 today for a FREE estimate on handyman services in Tampa, FL!

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